Saturday, July 19, 2008

Scorpion Gulch - South Mountain Trading Post

I never knew this was originally a store. Anyone remember this, or know when it opened/closed?

Update: My in-laws recall going to Scorpion Gulch in the 60's and 70's when it was a bar.

Date of photograph unknown.


Anonymous said...

In the mid 1970s I used to stop at the bar across the road from Scorpion Gulch. It was closed in the mid 70s. The bar that I had the occasional beer in is now closed and boarded up.

Chuck Sloan said...

I just found an article in the Phoenix Gazette dated Dec. 13, 1966.
On page 26 there was an article about a William Lunsford who ran the store. No word on when it opened or closed. It burned sometime since then, I'm still looking for more info. Email me if you want a copy of the article.

Anonymous said...

See newer post about "Grandpa" who ran the store.

nathan said...

William Lunsford was my great-grandfather. I'd love it if anyone could forward any information they have to me! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

In 1969 my girl friend Barbra,(Bunny) and I, (Beau), use to sing in the Scorpion Gulch Bar. At that time, pretty, young, twin sisters were running it. We boarded our horses at the stables right across the street, which at that time was owned by Ron Cebella and his partner Mike, and I think it was called South Mountain Riding Stables. There were 3 riding stables there in 1969. The other two, one, which set right behind Scorpion Gulch Bar which I believe was called The Ponderosa, and just down the road a few hundred yards, I cant remember the name of it, but it was owned and run by a very pretty lady named Daisy. I remember a man called Keith was working at one of them, and where we boarded our horses I remember the names ofMorley and his wife, which I have forgot her name, but I think it may have been Linda. I remember she done "barrel racing". I owned a pretty paint named Diego, a HUGH horse named Little Joe, a racing quarter horse Lancer, which by the way was spooky as ever. That brings back a lot of memories. I believe a young high school boy by the name Lloyd was a "wrangler" where we boarded our horses. I was working at Clarks Appliance in Sunny Slope or Cave Creek. I dont remember exactly where it was. One of the two, though. Ron Clark was in business with his dad. The Clark family was a wonderful family. My girlfriend had a sister named Mary Craighead who was married to a man name Will. They had a girl name of Michelle who was just a toddler back then, and a girl name of Ruth Ann who was some of Wills kinfolk I believe but he and Mary were raising her also. Gosh, I wish I could remember more but this has drained my memory bank enough. I know not far from the stables and the bar was a place called the Mystery Castle. Back then it was just a big house out in the desert that in dire need of repair.If anyone wishes to contact me here is email or