Saturday, July 12, 2008

CCC Company Coming Here

"AZR", December 2, 1933

A company of Civilian Conservation Corps camp workers left Colorado yesterday en route to Phoenix, where they will be established for the winter in Phoenix Mountain park.

Arrival of the Colorado group will bring the population of the camp up to about 400. One company of CCC workers has been established in the park two weeks.

The second contingent is expected to arrive here tomorrow or Monday, according to information received by S. McN. Johnston, city manager.

They will be quartered with the workers already here in the elaborate camp which has been constructed in the interior of the park.

The first company already has begun preliminary work on the extensive improvement program planned within South Mountain park, a 14,000 municipally-owned recreational preserve.

Park improvements to be made include construction of many miles of new scenic drives, trails and bridle paths, reforestation, establishing and improving of new picnic grounds, and other facilities.

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