Tuesday, July 22, 2008

1938 Reg Manning South Mountain Big Parade

This was originally published in the "AZR" over two Sundays in Feb, 1938, but the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation folks combined it into one very nicely done poster.

(Click the thumbnail to view a gigormous version)


Aaron said...

I appreciate learning about the park's history, but would love to find out more about what's going on today. I use the vast system of trails often as do many of my trail running friends. A lot of what's going on there puzzles me. I never see any of the rangers on the trail for starters -they seem to always be congregated at the ranger station or driving around. Next, they don't allow overnight camping and closed down San Juan Point, yet they build a speedway and allow those toy haulers to stay overnight while running their generators. How is that good for the park's environment? Is that a good use of this beautiful natural resource? How many people do you know that even own racing carts? There's nothing more frustrating than enjoying a day on the trail and then have to come down National or Ranger Trail and hear engine noise and the next event being announced over the loud speaker. How did this happen?

Anonymous said...

Do what a do. Camp anyway.

Jeff woolwine said...

South mountain was originally called mount sapoa mountain of Mercy. Tombs can still be found on South Mountain.
Jeff woolwine was the first person to discover and prove that the petroglyphs on south mountain are ufo sightings. Look for his book. The phoenix lights petroglyphsinthesky landscape for the spirits. See photos of the tombs and understand what the rock art truly means.