Thursday, July 24, 2008

Club Leaders In Park Tour

“AZR”, February 2, 1934

Presidents of local civic clubs were entertained yesterday at a luncheon in the Phoenix mountain park Civilian Conservation Corps camp, followed by an inspection tour over the park by the 400 “CCC” employees who have been stationed at the camp since December.

The group viewed roads that are being constructed in the 14,000 acre park, the new picnic grounds that are being cleared, improved and beautified and other improvements.

Members of the party included: Leslie J. Mahoney, president of the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce; Mayor F. J. Paddock, president of the Exchange club; John G. Eager, Lions club president; Frank Snell, Kiwanis club president; Elmon F. Coe, Rotary president; Justice Alfred C. Lockwood, Hiram club president; R. H. Cressingham, president, Knights of the Round Table; Paul Gasser, Casey club president and W. R. Hutchins, Engineers club president.

At the luncheon also were Capt. James R. Worthington, A. O. Harris and L. L. Pittman, of the official staffs of the camp, and George Hall, landscape architect.

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