Wednesday, June 18, 2008

South Mountain Master Plan Map (est 1934-1936?)

South Mountain Richard

The date of this map is currently unknown.

Click image for full size readable map.

Be sure to check out the Telegraph Pass Tunnel, the Park Circle Drive, Pima Road and the various trail names. The legend is important, it shows which roads and trails already exist vs. which ones are planned.

The proposed road on the top of the mountain currently doesn't go any farther east than Buena Vista which is approximately where Hieroglyphic (Geronimo) trail and Ames (Corona De Loma?) meet on this map. Also the road that goes over to where the TV towers are now does not exist on this map. It does show a completed trail, which could be a trail that was covered by the road, or may be part of National Trail.

The only trails on this map that currently have the same names as they do now are Kiwanis and Mormon (24th st). What is fascinating to me is all the trails that show as completed, but I'm not sure exactly which trails they would be now, or even if they still exist.

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