Sunday, June 29, 2008

Forestry Men Coming Soon

“AZR”, October 14, 1933

Civilian Conservation Corps workers assigned to the four winter camps in the Phoenix area will begin to arrive here October 18 when 166 men from a summer camp in Wyoming reach Phoenix, it was stated yesterday by S. L. Lewis, state game warden. The men will be placed in a camp in Papago park. About 40 Arizona men will be enlisted Mr. Lewis said, to bring the camp up to the required 200 men.

The other three camps in this area will be located in the South mountains. It is not known when the men for those camps will reach here.

The Wyoming contingent will be quartered in a camp half a mile south of the city water supply reservoir in Papago park. They will be used in carrying out a beautifying program in the park and at the bass fish hatchery in the east end of the area.

The work will include improvement of the roads to and around the fish hatchery, several improvements at the hatchery, including a garage, store room, barbecue pits and picnic sun shelters. The men also will carry on landscape work in the park.

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