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Opening Of Mountain Park Well Assures Corps Camp

“AZR”, October 25, 1933

Establishment in South Mountain park of a Civil Conservation Corps camp was assured yesterday, city officials and interested Phoenicians announced, with the completion of drilling of a 250-foot well which will provide an abundance of water for all purposes.

Materials for construction of the camp already were being trucked to the park yesterday afternoon, and the site is expected to be in readiness for the first contingent, due here about December 1.

Drilling of the well means far more to Phoenix and the Salt River valley, however, than the assurance of the location in South Mountain park of a CCC camp, said H. Clay Parker, on whose property the well is located.

“About 1,000 acres of the finest citrus land in the valley is located in this district,” said Parker, “but is too high to take advantage of the gravity flow from the valley irrigation project.”

“By successfully finding water even though we were forced to drill to a depth of 250 feet, we have established that water can be pumped from wells to irrigate this citrus land.”

Though located on Parker’s property, the well and the site have been turned over to United States army officials for use of the CCC camp. After the CCC work has been completed, the well will be made available for residents or visitors in South Mountain park.

A caliche formation was found for the first 143 feet of drilling, according to W. S. Williams, 1250 North Twenty-First Street, in charge of the drilling. A water strata from 143 to 156 feet yielded seven gallons per minute in tests.

From 156 feet to 190 feet was a non bearing aggregate, but a strata from 190 to 198 feet yielded about 10 gallons per minute in tests.

Then the drill struck a hard granite shell, and almost a day was required to pierce a three-foot strata to reach a depth of 201 feet. From there to almost 255 feet, the drill cut through a pea-gravel water-bearing strata in which there was no drawn-down with 20 gallon per minute being taken from the well, according to Parker.

With pumps installed, the well is expected to produce 40 gallons per minute, Parker said. Those in charge of the drilling could not determine the depth of the last water-bearing strata, he added, but consider a 50-feet penetration adequate for any possible need.

The six-inch well, cased down to a depth of 256 feet is located one-eighth mile north of Dobbins monument on the east side of Central avenue. Water will be forced to a reservoir which will be constructed at once east of the Valley View Point platform.

From the reservoir water will be piped to the CCC camp, the gravity flow from the higher reservoir placing the water under pressure. The well is expected to make available water adequate for any domestic purpose that will arise for years to come.

Drilling of the well was started less than two weeks ago.

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