Monday, June 23, 2008

U. S. Releases $3,000,000 For Arizona Civilian Camps

“AZR”, October 3, 1933

Will Provide for 10,000

(Exclusive Republic Dispatch)

Washington, Oct. 3 – Federal funds exceeding $3,000,000 for maintenance of 30 Civilian Conservation Corps camps in Arizona during the next six months were made available today.

During the summer there have been 20 reforestation camps in Arizona, 18 in the national forests and two in Grand Canyon National park, Carl Hayden, United States senator from Arizona, said.

Four new camps will be established under the forest service and six under the national park service, an increase of 10 new camps for the state this winter.

Six thousand men will be encamped within the state from October 16 to April 25, 1934. As conservation workers stationed in winter quarters these men will staff 22 camps in national forests, two camps in the Grand Canyon National park and six additional camps set up by the national parks service in state and municipal parks.

Of the last six, one will be in Randolph park, near Tucson, three in the Phoenix district, and two in the mountains near Tucson. Two of the Phoenix camps will be in the South mountains and the other in the former Papago National monument.

One of the summer camps will be moved from its present location on the north rim of the Grand Canyon to the Colorado river. The other in Grand Canyon National park will remain on the south rim.

Two hundred men will be allotted to a camp. On the basis of their present wage scale the government $3,240,000 on their wages, subsistence and care. In addition, the government must make an outlay of approximately $120,000 to build or reconstruct living quarters in the new camps.

This will bring the planned expenditure in the 30 camps to $3,360,000.

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