Thursday, June 19, 2008

400 CCC workers promised for South Mountain - 10/1/1933

"AZR", October 1, 1933

Two Civilian Camps Assured For South Mountain Project

Definite assurance that Phoenix will have two units of the Civilian Conservation Corps for work in the South Mountain park district this winter, was received yesterday by S. McN. Johnston, city manager. The word came direct from Robert Fechner, director of the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Pure Water Supplied

The decision to send the units to Phoenix for the winter “hung fire” all through last week over the question of a water supply for the conservation workers. The federal authorities insisited that a continuous pure water supply must be furnished and that their funds would not permit the installation of this necessity.

The city finally offered to pipe the water to the camp sites from its mains. It is estimated the water system will cost approximately $5,000.

To Develop Park

Four hundred men will be in the two camps for approximately six months, permitting the development of the great park along lines which otherwise would have taken many years to realize. South Mountain park comprises 14,000 acres and is the largest municipally owned park in the United States.

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