Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Random Notes

South Mountain Richard

The National Trail Road? A Tunnel under Telegraph Pass?

The original plans for South Mountain Park included a loop road (think a longer paved Desert Classic) going all the way around the park, and a 500 foot long tunnel road going under Telegraph Pass. Also believe it or not, a road going all the way from Buena Vista area to Pima canyon! I'll be scanning that map and some more documents today and posting later.

South Mountain Area Names have changed over the years:

"Salt River Valley" was later changed to "Valley of the Sun" to make the valley more marketable.

"Fat Man's Pass" was previously called "Wonder Rift", "Fat Man's Misery", "Fat Man's Trap", and the fairly convoluted "Fat Man's Trap Pass"

"South Mountain Park" was originally called "Phoenix Mountain Park"

The "South Mountains" were originally called the "Salt River Mountains"

"Yaqui Town" is an older name for "Guadalupe"

"Hieroglyphic Trail" was rerouted some, and is now called "Geronimo"

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Anonymous said...

What is the date of the orginal plans?

Michael said...

Hi South Mountain Richard! Thank you for stopping by Forest Army. You're more than welcome to post the address for you blog there - it's a nice site and the prospects for lots of CCC information are very strong. I'm hoping to put together a gathering of some sort to mark the anniversary of the arrival of the first CCC enrollees at South Mountain some time this fall. Please keep in touch.

Michael said...

What I meant to say was "you have a nice site here." I think you're doing a useful thing by helping document the history of the park and by sharing it with the world.

South Mountain Richard said...

There is an article in the Az. Rep, dated 1/22/1934. That is the first time the "master map" was published in the paper. I'm not sure when the map was created though. It couldn't have been too much earlier than that, since the CCC first arrived only only 3 months prior to that.

Alan Moore said...
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Alan Moore said...

Richard - thanks for the site - I find the South Mountain Park history to be very interesting. I have been out to the resort ruins (cannot possibly be mining related - far too elaborate) at the west end, and hiked all the trails out there. I have made my way to hidden valley by many different routes mainly from the South side. I must say 'Fat Mans Trap' - is by far the best name! I found the natural bridge myself and the CCC trail remnants there, why has the park decided to "forget it".

Above hidden valley on the guadalupe ridgeline there is another great little narrow pass down through the rocks...

I'd like to find the 'bedrock mortars' the grinding holes - any details on the location of these? are they in or above Hidden Valley?

I'm also now intrigued to see whatever remains there are of the original CCC camps - I see the approx location on an old park map.

Thanks for all your efforts - much appreciated