Monday, June 16, 2008

Hikes In Park Planned Today

"AZR", Phoenix, Sunday Morning, January 24, 1937

Three hikes into the Hidden Val­ley area of Phoenix Mountain park will be held today under auspices of the city parks department.

The starting point will be at the end of the graded road in Pima canyon, reached by driving to Ya­qui Town, 12 miles southeast of Phoenix, thence a mile southwest and thence two miles west.

The first hike will start at 11 a. m., the second at 1 p. m. and the third at 3 p. m.

Leaving their automobiles in Pima canyon, those participating will be taken on a four-mile itin­erary covering some of the most picturesque and interesting regions in the 14,000-acre park.

The unusual spectacle of snow beds lying on the higher parts of the South mountains and in the shaded canyons will add extra in­terest.

The hikes will be led by Frank Mitalsky, experienced guide and ar­cheologist. Planned especially for the entertainment of winter vis­itors, they will be open to the pub­lic without charge.

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South Mountain Richard said...

Yaqui Town was another name for Guadalupe...that name was used frequently at the time. Many names in and around South Mountain have changed over the years.