Monday, July 28, 2008

Public Urged To See Improvement In Park

"AZR", March 22, 1934

An invitation to the public to visit Phoenix Mountain park and view the extensive improvement program being carried out by employees of the two civilian conservation camp units stationed in the park, was issued by officials of the camps yesterday.

The invitation is particularly intended for Sundays, it was said. Work in the park has now reached the point where visitors can obtain a more complete picture of the various improvements and how they will benefit the public.

The mountain park CCC unit is the largest camp in the state, comprising of two complete companies with a total enrollment of approximately 400.

One of the major improvements now being completed is construction of a park museum and administration building near the entrance to the area. Numerous picnic areas also have been established and equipped with chairs, tables, camp ovens and other useful facilities.

Members of the camp also are enjoying a varied program of activities and entertainment outside their working hours. Tuesday night members of the Phoenix chapter, Reserve Officers' Association, were entertained at dinner in the camp.

Motion picture shows are held each Sunday afternoon for members of the personnel of the camps and boxing bouts also are regular features. Tomorrow night a group of fighters representing the two camps will stage a series of bouts with a boxing team from the CCC camp at Ashdale.

Other activities have included a baseball tournament between the Mountain park camp and others in and adjacent to the Salt River valley, won by Camp 831, one of the two in the park.

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