Tuesday, July 8, 2008

CCC Workers Arrive From Minturn, Colo.

"AZR", November 23, 1933

South Mountain Camp Is Housing 194 New Arrivals

ONE HUNDRED NINETY-TWO Civilian Conservation Corps workers and their two commanding officers rolled into Phoenix yesterday afternoon and "took over" South Mountain park.

By early next week the CCC company will be engaged in an improvement and beautification program that will transform the mountain district into a huge picnic and recreation area.

Another CCC company will arrive in the near future and will join in the work in the South Mountain park area.

The contingent which poured into Phoenix yesterday came from Minturn Colo., and was in command of Capt. J. R. Worthington and First Lieut. C. H. Hutchinson.

The young men quickly transferred luggage and equipment from the train to trucks and rode jauntily toward the mountain park area that will be their home for the next several months. Last night they occupied barracks at their campsite, which already have been sufficiently completed by civilian labor to be placed in use.

The second contingent also probably will come from Colorado, it was said.

Improvement work at the park will include construction of 25 miles of trails and roads within the park, reforestation, development of the park's water supply, building of hiking trails and bridal paths and of a circular automobile road, about 30 miles in length, surrounding the park.

The CCC workers also will clear proposed picnic sites of rocks, sagebrush and cacti, and construct ovens, tables, benches and other facilities for use of picnickers.

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