Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Request for Information

I've setup a new Email address for this blog: View my profile for a clickable link.

I would love to hear any comments about info on this blog, positive or negative. I don't even mind if people send me a simple note pointing out spelling errors or typos.

I'd like to know if anyone appreciates the info posted here, and wants me to continue working on this project. It would be great to know that the effort was worthwhile.

If you have any information or tips about anything related to the history of South Mountain, please feel free to send them in.

Old Photos
Old Newspaper Articles (or just the date of the article!)
Any tidbit of information...personal memories, anything.

I will be posting some questions soon I would like to have answered...a few mysteries I haven't found answers for yet. Stay tuned.


South Mountain Richard

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