Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My All Time Favorite Blog Posts

Here's what I consider the Best of the Best


1. Kiwanians Build 5,940 Feet Of Trail To Top Of Telegraph Pass In Phoenix Mountain Park
Great article from 1924! An entire trail built in a single day, with Beer and Ice Cream for their reward!

2. Phoenix Mountain Park Trips Reveal History Of Southwest
Trail advice from C. M. Holbert, the park's original caretaker. So where's the Haunted Cave???

3. New Mountain Park Opens Vast Territory For Recreation
If it could only get this much attention today.

4. Little Known South Mountain Natural Bridge
This used to be in the park's brochure, now hardly anyone knows about it.

5. Hieroglyphics Trail Formally Opened And Dedicated To Public
It's called Geronimo trail now!

6. Scorpion Gulch? It's 'Grandpa'
Always wanted to know more about this place.

7. Roads, Trails, Picnic Sites Constructed By CCC In Phoenix
Lots of hard work by those 400 boys from Colorado.

8. Hikes In Park Planned Today
Unusual spectacle of snow beds lying on the higher parts of the South mountains" I would love to see that.


(Remember to click the small photo to see a larger version)

1. View from Telegraph Pass before the Ahwatukee Foothills
Sure has changed a bit.

2. South Mountain Aerial Photo from the 70's

3. Picnic in 1930's or 1940's
Only 1 picnic table on the south side of south mountain...enough to seat 1,000 on the north side.


Please send me more! I love old maps.
(Remember to click the small map to see a much larger version)

1. South Mountain Master Plan Map (est 1934-1936?)
Wow, a 300 foot tunnel under Telegraph pass! And Park Circle Drive which would have gone around the entire park.

2. Entire 1964 South Mountain Park Brochure Map
Nifty stuff on here that's not on the current Natural Tunnel and Wonder Spot!

3. 1942 Phoenix South Mountain Park Map
The trail names sure have changed. Check out how City trail went to the original summit.


These are awesome! Rest in Peace, Reg.
(Remember to click the small image to see a much larger version)

1. 1938 Reg Manning South Mountain Big Parade
2. Hieroglyphic Trail Reg. Manning Cartoon

Feedback is important to me. I have a full time job, and it helps me justify spending more time doing research. Thanks, and I'll see you on the trail!

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Jim Lippard said...

Richard: Thanks for your research. I've been living in the South Mountain area since 2001, and in Phoenix for most of my life, but most of what you've written about has been new to me.

I did some research on historic sites in the South Mountain area when I moved here, and I'm the primary contributor of material to the Wikipedia page on South Phoenix.

Thanks also to Chuck S. for digging up the Scorpion Gulch information--I've updated the Wikipedia page on Scorpion Gulch to include information about Lunsford.

Jeff woolwine said...

South mountain was originally called mount sapoa mountain of Mercy. Tombs can still be found on South Mountain.
Jeff woolwine was the first person to discover and prove that the petroglyphs on south mountain are ufo sightings. Look for his book. The phoenix lights petroglyphsinthesky landscape for the spirits. See photos of the tombs and understand what the rock art truly means.